The X-STOP BA80 is a fantastic 12v electric fence energiser (0.6 delivered joules) featuring advanced MOSFET technology designed to last a lifetime.This energiser will easily power 10Km of galvanised wire fencing or longer if clear of vegetation. Designed to operate with any 12v battery, a car battery or leisure battery will last longer. A secondhand car battery is a perfect low cost solution to power this electric fence energiser.Designed for use with galvanised fencing, polywire, polyrope and polytape electric fences.

BA80 Electric Fence Energiser

SKU: EF001BA80
    • Rugged weatherproof case design (IP54 rating)
    • Advanced MOSFET technology
    • Pulse indidcator
    • High voltage circuit protection
    • Simple and quick to install
    • No quibble 12 month warranty